Battle For Your Eth

Our Story

In a time when galactic peace was hanging in the balance and heroics are often acts of survival. The evil Streds Syndicate plundered and pillaged planets in search of an ancient mystical power called the Valorheart that would give them ultimate power to rule the universe. The fate of the universe has fallen into the hands of an unlikely group of peaceful people the Fanden. As fate would have it, the Streds tracked the location of the Valorheart to the ancient mountain of Ellek on the home planet of the Fanden. Unable to determine who is worthy, the Soul of the Valorheart gave each group power to use in an arena battle tournament. The victor would receive the power of the Valorheart and ultimate control over the universe.

About the Project

As mortals we can only dream of having powers of our favorite superheroes. Mortal Powers (MP) will allow gamers to build mortal avatars and select powers from great heroes of the past. Gamers will then compete in a combat PvP winner take all battle for Mortal Powers Tokens ($MPT). $MPT is used for not only in-game assets, but gamers can also stake $MTS to receive a competitive and realistic yield.
With the everyday mortal in mind, the $MPT was built on the gas efficient ERC20 Ethereum network. Our play-to-earn (P2E) game mode will allow gamers to increase their skills and level by fighting within the MP dojo.

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